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Large Round 1-3" is the most common used landscaping stone around the home and in landscaping projects of our customers.  It has a nice mix of colors and along with landscaping paper can provide good weed protection in your landscaped area.
Small Round Stone averages between 1/2" - 1".  It is commonly used by our customers for dog runs & kennels, drainage, backfill, and as a landscaping project rock.  Its characteristics are similar to Large Round Stones  but are smaller rocks in size.
Pea Gravel is an inexpensive pea sized stone. It is also multi-colored but from a distance appears to be grey. It is often used in pathways, play areas and for drainage purposes.
Small Crushed Stone 1/2": This Michigan based stone is a favorite for parking areas, driveways, paths, back fill and stone work foundations.
Medium Crushed Stone 1": A bit smaller than Large Crushed stone that is also a Michigan Stone; good for landscaping, back fill, driveways and drainage.
Large Crushed Stone 1.5" is a multi-color Michigan stone; good for landscaping, driveways and drainage.  Carries the same characteristics of Large Round but is crushed instead of round.
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