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Thatch is a tightly woven mat of both dead and living grass parts -roots, stems, blades, runners and clippings -that forms on top of the soil. Thatch soaks up water like a sponge and prevents the water from getting into the ground. The grass roots are found to be more in the thatch layer than in the soil, which means the lawn is more susceptible to heat and drought damage. A thatch condition means a weak, insect and disease prone lawn.

If your lawn has a true thatch condition, you cannot alleviate it with hand raking, power raking or so-called “dethatching” machines. These will only skim the surface of the thatch layer. If you dig in any deeper, you will tear out the grass. The best way to reduce thatch is to get it to decompose. For this to occur, you need to create a healthy soil. That is well aerated and bioactive. Organic Dethatching makes sure that the specific microbes necessary for thatch decomposition are present in your soil. The thatch degrades at the point where it comes in contact with the soil. You will see it turn into a rich, dark humus as it begins to break down.

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