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Fill Sand is used as a base for pavers and flagstone, a base for cement and a basic economical filler.  Not recommended for sand boxes or for under above ground pools.  Fill Sand has some clay content to it, making it a good base and binder.
Double Washed Sand is used in golf courses, sandboxes, under above ground pools and other areas where you want a "beach" like feel to your sand.  Never use this sand for pavers.
Crushed Concrete is recycled concrete and ranges from dust to 1 1/4" in size.  Is used as a base for pavers, for leveling off approaches, driveways and parking areas.  Note:  Can contain leftover pieces of metal from the recycling process.  Most of the time these pieces are visible when installing and easily disguarded.
MDOT rated driveway stone, combo of sand, clay and stone.  Commonly used by the county for road.  Excellent base material.
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